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    ❝ I would say it was an  o k a y 
        trip but this wasn’t a field trip type
                 of adventure. ❞

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    ❝ Well, I’m glad you’re back.  I’m sure Shifu and the rest of The Five are, too.  I miss… I mean… we missed y a. 
        You’re probably exhausted from your long trip and probably want to get settled and
     stuff and take it easy.  Am I right?❞

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Anyone interested in watching the following?:

DreamWorks - How To Train Your Dragon

DreamWorks - How To Train Your Dragon 2


Stream will begin approximately @ 7:30pm ET/ 4:30 pm PT

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Forever 21 have stolen some designs of mine, quite blatantly. You can find the originals in my Etsy shop - www.knickerocker.etsy.com
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Support the original artist y’all.

Why do I seem to think that this isn’t the first time Forever 21 has done this?

It’s not, by far, the first time

Seriously I bought some super cute undies from www.knickerocker.etsy.com, buy the original, she makes some seriously quality panties 






Forever 21 have stolen some designs of mine, quite blatantly. You can find the originals in my Etsy shop - www.knickerocker.etsy.com

Please reblog xxx

Support the original artist y’all.

Why do I seem to think that this isn’t the first time Forever 21 has done this?

It’s not, by far, the first time

Seriously I bought some super cute undies from www.knickerocker.etsy.com, buy the original, she makes some seriously quality panties 

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🐼 Out of Panda Paws 🐼
Would anyone here be interested in doing Movie Nights via LiveStream?
Please answer below or leave a message in my inbox if you’re interested.
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🐼 Out of Panda Paws 🐼
Would anyone here be interested in doing Movie Nights via LiveStream?
Please answer below or leave a message in my inbox if you’re interested.
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Anonymous Asked: I haven’t had the motivation to write for the past couple of days and I feel really guilty because I need to reply to a para and get another plot of the ground. I’ve already told the group that I’ve lost my muse and I’m swamped with school but I still feel bad. Do you have any tips on getting my groove back? Please and thank you.

First order of business— stop feeling guilty. The guilt will harm no one but yourself, and whether it’s a loss of muse or OOC responsibilities, you should in no way ever feel guilty when it comes to role-play. Take your time. Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter. That applies, here. People around you should be understanding no matter the situation, and role-playing should not be done under pressure. So my first bit of advice? Don’t. Feel. Bad.

We clear?

Second, your loss of muse— there are many things that can be attributed to this and possible options to get it back. First what I’ll need you to do is figure out the causefor your loss of muse. Was it,

  • A. You are unsure of whom your character is.
  • B.Your character was placed into a situation or role that doesn’t fit them.
  • C.You lost interest in writing for them.


  • D. You don’t know what direction to take your character.

Consider the above carefully— which is it? It could be multiple at once, or just one. Or perhaps, none at all (maybe it’s something else  not mentioned). Whatever it is, figure out where the source of the problem is stemming from. In the meantime, I’ll go ahead and provide solutions when encountering the above.

Issue A —They are not who we THINK they are

When writing out your character, oftentimes the hardest part is figuring out whom they are; and the only solution? To write amply, for them. The most important thing to be aware of is that it takes time to figure them out. Don’t be afraid to test the waters with multiple plots, chats, or selfs to begin to make that discovery. But where this dubiousness takes place is less with the confusion of not knowing, but rather, finding that the directions you’ve already taken your character don’t exactly…click. What you’ll want to do if this is the case, is do a process of elimination. For that, you’ll need to consider the following:

Gif conversations— Give thought to whom your character has interacted with. Take note of your character’sA.Initial approach,B.Tone,C.Intent,  andD.Chemistry. Why do I want you to mull over this? Because where there is consistency throughout their conversations with others, they begin to make a revelation to you,the writer, on whom exactly they are. The character won’t say it outright— their personality and shape constructs itself based on who or what is around them. And their gut response can often be the most accurate. Think about how in-general, each chat each has played out. Was your character forthright? Were they cautious of others? Did they appeal to most? Were they socially awkward? In what way?

Dissect the above and map out each letter (Initial approach, tone, intent, and chemistry), taking note of what the predominant trait is for each.

Paras— Paragraphs are harder to take breakdown, as there are one of two ways these threads occur; that is, organically, or it’s plotted out. While there is no right or wrong way, I can state that threads are tricky; they don’t have a direct focus on your character, but rather your character’s situation. And understanding their situation and why they’re in it is difficult until you begin to get a grasp of whom they are. Does this mean I’m not encouraging you from studying your role-plays with others in order to understand? No! Absolutely not. If you’re able to get a sense of the particulars and nuances of your character through a thread, then pay close attention. If however, it seems like a rather broad array of storylines to delve into, then just try to note an overall “tone” most of your threads have taken on.

Self-Paras —Self-paras are the one surefire way to discovery of whom your character is— and there is no harm in doing them. You could write a self one day that covers a topic that months later you realize isn’t your character at all; but in writing it, you are feeling out into the darkness to try and see where it makes sense for your character to be. I encourage you to write selfs, and copious amounts of it. And they don’t have to be elaborate or lengthy; it could be a poem. It could be a quote, it could be a thought, a paragraph. Anything your character wants to say, just say it. The fact that they have anything to say at all means something, and it’s better to get it out than not at all.

My best advice? While they’re titled “self-paras” and thus imply that you should be writing paragraphs, I think until you have a solid storyline in which to write about (say, some past event), then treat it as a stream-of-consciousness for your character. Selfs can act as a journal. Free write for them, and let them speak, wholly. It’ll reveal to you, the writer, a truth you may have never known otherwise.

Character Development Sheets— While these are insanely difficult to fill-out (if you actually take the time to consider each question and answer it with detail), they are well worth your time. Fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment provides great resourcesherefor questionnaires. The questions can range anywhere from whether or not your character has a criminal record, to what their favorite ice-cream is. Either way, take each seriously— answer as they would. In my experience, I had one such questionnaire reveal to me that my character actual suffered from a mental illness that I had prior to not been aware of. I knew they had issues, but it had never crossed my mind that they could potentially be displaying symptoms of an actual disorder. And I’ll be the first to tell you I was skeptical of these things, but the questions really do help. Give it a shot. Definitely do not turn it away ‘til you’ve tried it.

What about the title about not knowing who we “think” they are? Well, one last thing I want to warn you against is pushing your character in a certain direction because you’ve jumped the gun and assumed they’re a certain way without giving them a chance to grow. You’ll know, too, when you’ve developed them far too fast in a sense. You’ll feel on edge as though something doesn’t sit right, and when that happens? Take a step back. You probably thought that intimacy and being in a relationship was their thing, and it turned out it wasn’t. Allow them to explore a different avenue of their life if the route they’re currently on feels forced. If it feels natural, then by all means— go crazy with it. Otherwise, tread cautiously.

Issue B — Let’s just stick this guy here; I’m sure it’ll turn out fine

Now, when I say you’re probably placing your character in a situation they don’t belong, I’m not talking taking a drug-dealer and sticking them at a 5-year-old’s birthday party (trust me, this could very well happen. Maybe the dealer is attending his niece’s birthday party. You never know). Rather, your character was placed into a role they were never meant to be in, or that they clash with. I’ll use myself as an example since I have no other source to draw from. 

When I was writing for my main character initially, I had tried desperately to devise a route for them to take. One thing that was the cause of this was that in my group, I had created a setup where you were meant to devise an illegal business for your character, should they have been a criminal. My character was, and due to that I had thought up multiple situations or outcomes that could lead to the answer I wanted; which was, what illegal activity are they participating in.

However, as I kept trying to devise a route for them to take, I began to realize each and every single option I came up with would notwork. He wasn’t some criminal mastermind— nor was he a vigilante. The more I tried to make him fit a certain role, the more I realized he was nothing at all. In fact, he wanted and still does want nothing to do with anyone else. He doesn’t work in an organization, nor does he work in particularly extravagant means. He was brooding, menacing, and often abrasive in personality. He gave off every single sign to me that he had no desire to be apart of anything except to keep to himself, and in my own desire to push him in some direction, any direction, rather…I found I was understanding him less. 

So pay attention to the signs. Whether you’re trying to make your character become something, or pushing them into a certain plot, realize that you should never try to push them to fit an agenda. Characters should be independent from one. Rather, if you would really like to see them grow and to not lose your muse? Let it come naturally. Organically. Let things happen as they come.

Essentially, I want you to live in the present for your character. Yes, trying to plan something out for them can help in determining a general idea of where you’re headed, but don’t be afraid to throw caution to the wind. Live in the moment. Your character’s moment. They will make the decisions you’ve been trying to do all along, for you.

Issue C — I ain’t get no encouragement, no encouragement at all

If this is where you feel your issue is stemming from in which you’ve simply lost the desire to write, here’s my suggestion to you: take a break. Cut yourself some slack. Just write something else for awhile. Often, I see the solution to this is to take up a new character and write for them. However, while you cando that as an option, I don’t necessarily see that as the best option. Why? Because instead of allowing your muse time to settle-down and regain its focus, you’re letting another voice come through. And the end result? I often see the main character being severely neglected because the writer has “lost their muse” for them nearly for good. Instead of just giving yourself a much-needed break or time away until you can settle back into that space, it’s like you’re filling that time with something else. Substituting it. And your focus begins to shift from your initial character to this new one. 

Note that with anything you write there will be hills and valleys. There will be times you’re coasting, and times you’re trudging through. And if you don’t feel like writing, just don’t force it. You can continue to write in another form or venue, but I discourage trying to find another “muse”. The one you’ve got probably just needs time to be chewed over for a bit. Be patient, and sleep on it for a night or two. Maybe a week. Two weeks. However long you need before you’re ready to get back into the game. Just give yourself that break, and relax.

Issue D — Which way points North?

Now I’m no good with directions so if your question is how to interpret a compass, I can’t help you. However, if the issue is stemming from not knowing where to take your character, here’s an option: stop. Just stop for a moment. Stop trying to think about where to take them.

Most likely, you’ve exhausted quite a few avenues you’ve been writing them in so far. But don’t worry! Your character’s story hasn’t ended yet; and it probably never will. It’s just a sub-plot or topic whose every nook and cranny has been explored, and now you’ve come to a dead-end. Out of all the issues above, I’d say this is the hardest one to figure out and find a solution for. But my best advice? Or rather, what worked for me when I ran into this “dead-end”?

Spontaneity. Throw them into a situation they’d neverbe in. Break the routine. Push them outside of their daily “norm”.Here’s an example:

When I felt I had just about exhausted every single thing my character could possibly do or speak about, and found nowhere to take him, I found that the environment was simply not doing it for him any longer. Freely roaming about London and speaking to its inhabitant didn’t seem to cut it anymore— it wasn’t interesting. So you know what I did? While waiting for me to get my muse back, I did something that would allow for me time to ruminate over what direction to take him, as well as break him out of the routinehe had fallen into.

I put him in jail.

I didn’t do this in any elaborate manner and truly plotted it out, instead writing a quick self (as I’m a rather patient person, obviously), and with enough of a criminal record racked up, had him set behind bars. The change in environment and pace, his sudden predicament cause the muse to come flying back, full-force. Suddenly he was no longer bogged down by the usual trivialities of day-to-day interaction. He was in a new, exciting place and he couldn’t even speak to anyone unless they specifically came to visit him.

It changed things up; it changed the pace. So again, if you don’t know where to take them? Stop thinking about it so hard and do something impulsive, on a whim that will allow your character to explore a new direction. The more you analyze, the more you’ll push them into a corner much like an overprotective mother, afraid of letting them out into the wild. Let them be wild, because that break from theirmundane will kickstart them into life. In some way, shape, or form.

Overall, I hoped this helped. I apologize for the length but I felt I needed to cover each point and try and give you suggestions on what to make a push for, and what not.

I hope this gives you things to try to get your muse back.

All the best,


— Hardyest

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